Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Break 2012

What inevitably happens, when I decide I'm going to be a cool blogger and take pictures of every second of my life, is that I forget to take pictures about halfway through the day. That's exactly what panned out over Fall Break.

I had grand plans of taking a myriad of wannabe-Instagram pictures and making a "photo essay" of my time off. That failed because halfway through Monday I got bored with the picture-taking. Regardless, here's what I did over Fall Break.

My break started at 8:50 on Thursday evening. I celebrated with eggrolls, coffee ice cream, and 2 episodes of Mad Men.

Friday morning, I stayed in bed way too late, and didn't leave for Rockwall until 11:30 am. But once I got home, my Dad took me to the new Greek restaurant in town. I had an excellent chicken shawarma and then we had baklava.

After lunch and a Starbucks stop, we came home and I spent the afternoon reading magazines--Texas Monthly, Entertainment Weekly, and Guideposts

Friday evening, my Mom and I saw 9 to 5: The Musical at our local theatre. It was a nice mother-daughter date.

Saturday morning, I did nothing productive. I messed around on the computer, drank coffee, and stayed in my pajamas until 2 pm.

I attempted to read some Faulkner around 2:30 or so, but my parents were watching TV, so I got sucked in.

We went to see The Trouble with the Curve with Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams at 4 pm, just so we could get out of the house for awhile. After the movie, we drove down to Quinlan and ate at Richard's BBQ. I had excellent pulled pork.

Saturday night, we watched my parents' Australia pictures.

Sunday morning, I went to church at 11.

My cousin Caleb was in Dallas for the weekend, and came to have lunch with my parents and I. Afterwards, the two of us drove to Forney to go antique shopping.

We stopped for frozen yogurt at the Sweet Frog in Forney on the way home.

After he left, I took a late-afternoon nap. Both of my parents were busy during dinner, so I ate leftover BBQ and enjoyed one of my favorite bad habits: reading while at the dinner table.

Sunday night, my parents and I watched a TV special on Margaret Mitchell and I stayed up too late messing around on the internet. 

Monday morning, I got up for a doctor's appointment, but it was cancelled. So I went back to bed until 11. I drove up to Greenville to have lunch with my dear friend Karen. She volunteers at the Greenville hospital MWF, so we just ate at the hospital canteen.

When I got back home, the fun times were over. My parents are looking into changing my room into a guest room, so I spent Monday afternoon cleaning out stuff that I no longer want. I took down all my posters and gave a bunch of stuffed animals away. I cleaned out so much that I was able to give away an entire shelving unit. (Well I say give mom took it for her own use. The Sears family is full of packrats I must say.)



Monday night, I spent a lot of time looking through our Marfa pictures (blog post about that trip coming soon I hope) and packing up the laundry that my Mom did for me. (I know, I know...I should be doing my own laundry. But she and Dad were doing their Australia laundry, so she told me to throw it in with theirs.) I attempted to read more Faulkner, but it didn't happen. My mom had bought a package of carmel apples for me, and I had one for my Monday evening dessert.  

Tuesday morning, I got up at 10 and packed the car. At 11:45 I drove to church--my Mom volunteers there Monday and Tuesday. I ate lunch with her and her coworkers. My Dad came to church and we drove to get gas (he bought me a full tank of gas--Thanks Dad!) and then to Walmart to buy some new windshield wipers for my car which he installed. Then we said goodbye, I got in my car, and I drove back to Fort Worth. I stopped for Starbucks at the University Plaza before arriving at my apartment around 3 pm.

(This drink marks my 30th Starbucks purchase this year, making me a Starbucks Gold Member. Yeah for disposable income I guess?)

After getting back, I unpacked and put away my laundry and started this blogpost. At 5, I decided I needed to get serious about my Faulkner, so I went over to the Wesley to read. I lasted 30 pages before I decided I couldn't stand it anymore. I decided to make cupcakes for the Wesley leadership meeting instead. They came out great and we had a nice meeting too. 

Wednesday, Fall Break was technically over. However my one Wednesday class was cancelled, making it a pseudo-vacation day for me. I went to the Mission at 10 as I normally do, went out to lunch at El Rancho Grande with my fellow volunteers, came home and took a nap, and then went to the Wesley for Wednesday worship. All in all, not a bad day. And I didn't take a single picture.

I had class this morning, but I'm already done again for the week--this was the easiest school week in existence. Have plenty of homework to do and Mad Men episodes to watch tonight though. Also have a busy weekend ahead--movie night, working in the Wesley garden, watching the TCU-Baylor game, church, and small group.

Hopefully, I will get my Marfa recap posted sometime next week! Until then, enjoy your weekend!