Friday, May 20, 2011


I read a lot of blogs. A LOT. Yet my own blog is dead at the moment--hence the fact no one will read this post. So how do I get my blog going?

I've read plenty of tips about increasing traffic on your blog, and the time has come for me to apply these tips. It's summer after all so I have more time to focus on my blog. I have more time to think up posting ideas. I have more time to visit other blogs. So here is what I need to do to get my blog up and truly running.

1) I need to comment on a lot of the blogs I read--people will read my comments and if they like them, they will click on my blog. My only problem is I read a lot of blogs of people who are in their mid-to-late 20s. I don't really follow that many people who are college-age. I am worried that people will think it is odd that I read their blogs when I'm obviously not in the same place in life as they are. They might think it's weird that a college junior is following them. I've always been mature for my age though and I like reading about their lives. I guess if they want they can just delete my comments from their blog if they don't like them or think I'm too young or naive.

2) I need to post regularly on this blog! Obviously you can see from my sidebar I have not been posting regularly--I average a post every couple of months. Regularity is key. Several people I follow write a whole bunch of posts at once and then time them to be released at certain times. I could write a bunch of posts this summer and then when I am really busy doing the school year I can put up pre-written posts. I just have to have the motivation to do it! I have sooo many things to do this summer, but I need to make room for this if I want a popular blog.

3) I need to focus on a theme, but I am not sure how. The tips I have read say to pick one topic (like cooking or traveling or weddings) and focus only on that. But I have too many interests to do that. I guess my overreaching theme is Issues of a College Student. I know a lot of the problems I have are probably not very big compared to post-college issues, but I believe I can make some insights, and maybe I will gain a topic-appropriate audience. So I will try not to focus on petty things or not to complain too much.

4) I need to dress up my blog a bit--maybe learn HTML or use my basic design skills. I do not know yet how I will do this, but I think attractiveness does attract readers. I also need to work on my photography skills and maybe invest in a better camera. People like pictures to break things up.

So this summer will be the summer of the blog. I hope.    

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