Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend at Home

I took the train home early Friday morning. My parents picked me up and we had a late breakfast. I went to the dentist and my Dad and I got Sonic drinks on the way home. We worked on tax things until 6. My brother got home and we had dinner at our excellent local BBQ place.

Saturday, I flew with my Dad and brother to Lancaster, where there is a lovely restaurant at the airport. We ate breakfast and came home. I drove out to L & A's wedding. My friend K was there and we stuck together during the wedding. It was a fairly short event--I was home by 3:30. We didn't do much Saturday night--watched TV.

(At the Lancaster Airport after breakfast Saturday morning. Picture by my brother.)

(Waiting in the food line at the wedding. Picture by K.)

Sunday, I went to Sunday school and church. All 4 of us had brunch at a local restaurant that we love. My mom and I went to see "The Foreigner," a play at our local amateur playhouse. I got home about 4:30 and stayed home all evening. My mom and I watched Downton Abbey.

(My brother and I after Sunday brunch. Yes, I did wear the same outfit twice. Picture by my Dad.) 

Today, I packed up and put the guest room back in order. My Dad and I took the train to downtown Dallas and ate lunch down there. He rode back home and I rode back to school. Got home at 3. Now trying to force myself to do homework.

It was a nice weekend. I'll see my parents in 11 freaking days when we go to BOSTON. I'll see my brother when we both come home for Easter.

Also, at Sunday brunch, all 4 of us coordinated our calendars and dang is this summer going to be crazy.

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