Friday, April 18, 2014

Boston Day 7

On our last full day in Boston, our nice weather came to an end. We awoke to 20 degrees and snowing. We ate, checked out of our hotel, drove the car back, and was dropped off at the subway by the nice and cute car rental manager. We rode back to the hotel we previously stayed at, checked in to a different room, and then immediately went straight back out to Quincy.

Quincy, I’m sad to say, was nearly a total bust. We got out there and first stopped for Dunkin’ Donuts coffee (which I had never had before) because it was FREEZING. It stopped snowing though. We then walked to the Visitor Center, only to find out that it was impractical to visit the 2 birthplaces (John Adams’ and John Quincy Adams’). Additionally, the church where the 2 presidents + their wives are buried was closed. We could visit the house John and Abigail bought later in life though. We had known all 3 houses were closed for winter, but had hoped to walk around a bit outside them. It was too cold to walk all the way out to the birthplaces and there was no public transportation out there.

We ate lunch at Sher-a-Punjab, an Indian restaurant across the street from the Visitor Center. We then toured the Quincy Historical Society Museum, which was small, but interesting. There was a lot about the extended Quincy and Adams families, as well as the Hancock family. After that, we walked to Peacefield, the house John and Abigail bought later in life and took pictures. It was unpleasant though, due to the cold. I peered in the windows, but could not see anything. I’m glad I got to see one house though. We walked back to the Visitor Center. Mom and I stopped in the church graveyard to see the extended Adams and Quincy family graves (John Adams’ parents, siblings, etc.). The presidents + wives are buried in a crypt within the church though. We walked back to the Visitor Center and watched a movie.


We left about 3:30 and rode the subway back for the last time. We had a quiet night, eating in the hotel restaurant. Mom and I used the hotel hot tub, which we had been saying we would do all week. We flew back the next morning.

And so our trip to Boston ended with a whimper. I’m disappointed about Quincy, but I definitely plan to come back someday in the summer (or at least later in spring) to see all 3 houses and the graves in their glory. We were extremely lucky to have 6 days of good weather and only 1 of bad. I enjoyed Boston a lot, and am glad I got to go.

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